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In the production building all the necessary requirements for production of electronic parts are fulfilled:
  • Antistatic floors,
  • Local working places exhaust,
  • FIFO component storage organization,
  • PC network
Speedprint SP200 Stencil Printer

The Speedprint 200 is an entry level semi-automatic stencil printer. Capable of fine pitch printing, it is CE compliant with a very small footprint for a stand alone printer. It features a programmable squeegee head resulting in accurate, repeatable printing. A full range of boards and substrates can be held in place with vacuum hold down and magnetic supports. A mylar alignment system provides quick registration of substrate to stencil.

Samsung CP40CV High Speed Mounter

The Samsung CP40CV of Samsung Aerospace Industries, Ltd. is multi-purpose, high-precision component placer, designed to handle wide range of components from 0402 to 42 x 42mm QFP and BGA. It uses both Flying Non–Contact Centering System with Laser Align and Upward Vision System for fine pitch QFP applications. The Upward Vision System with its unique 3D-illumination system, designed for all ball recognition of BGAs, TBGAs and other BGA provides additional flexibility. In Samsung CP40CV maximum 100 feeders can be installed and it places chips up to 14 800 CPH.

Heller 1500SX Total Forced Convection Surface Mount Reflow System

Heller 1500SX Reflow Oven has 5 heating zones with 5 heaters above and below the conveyor with fast reaction heating modules with 1/10 second response time to load variations. It has a total HP computer control with 3 thermocouple profiling with KIC Software and totally usable 560 mm belt width.

SEHO Wave Soldering System 8140 PCS Series With its modular design concept, the dual wave soldering system 8100 PCS offers a flexible machine technology. The base unit is ideally suited for medium-sized production volumes. The soldering unit with electronically controlled pump motors and process-optimized nozzles ensures highest soldering quality, even for printed circuit boards with complex SMD geometries.

For the assembling of odd-form-thru-hole components we have manual soldering division, equipped with Pace MMBT220 and Pace ST45 soldering stations.