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About Us



Sectron Electronics Ltd. is established in March 2002 and it is an electronic subcontracting company with the main office located at City of Sofia.

The Company main activities are:
  • Manual and automated assembly of electronic components on PCB, including SMD and automated insertion processing; Rework and repair
  • Board testing and vision inspection
  • Module assembly: attaching the circuit board to other parts, such as plastic housing
  • Final functional test
  • Sample-based quality control
The company has its own three-storey office building (1,500 square meters), creating a pleasant working environment with a lot of open space and facilities. Sectron Elektronics Ltd. employs close to 15 highly qualified experts are covering the following departments:
  • Production department is comprised of several qualified process engineers, chemists and operators.
  • Accounting department supports other MobiSOT departments that provide more direct service to clients
  • Transportation department is responsible for transporting production to clients